Here's the results from last week's race. All first timers get 5 points, but next week your results will be adjusted according your best result from the last 5 and you can win up to 20 points!

Name Time Adjusted Time Points Vests
Katherine Lowry 31:34 +00:23 20
Chris Lowry 26:41 -01:00 15
Lucy Smith 28:15 -02:04 10
Jonathan Smith 25:31 -03:01 5

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Your position is decided by your adjusted time (see below).

Your time is the time you ran 5k in this week.

Your adjusted time is your best 5k time of the last 5 you've ran, minus your time for this week's race. A positive number means you've run a better time! First timers don't have any previous times, so they're ranked purely by time.

Your points are calculated based on your position. First timers always get 5 points, and for everyone else, points range from 20 to 5 depending on how many participants there are!