Kick is a weekly 5km virtual running race for people on Twitter. It's not just about pure speed though, you win points based on what you've done against recent performances, winning points and vests in process.

Enter the Race

When you've signed up, you'll enter the weekly race from Monday onwards by either favoriting the weekly race tweet, or via the enter page.

Record Run

You'll run your 5km race, logging it how you want to (e.g. Parkrun, Strava, Garmin), and send your time before noon GMT on Sunday. Integration with your favorite run tracker coming soon!


Monday is results day, and you'll win points based on your results and collect badges (we call them vests) along the way. Then it all happens again the following week...

You'll win 5 points and a vest for your first race, and following you'll be ranked and win points based on your performance compared to your PB from the last 5 races. It's a simple and fun way for anyone to race, why not check out our example profile and then...

Get Started